What do we do?

We will inspect your next vehicle purchase and provide you with a comprehesive and completely independent inspection report. The report  is available immediately after the completion of the inspection. If you can't attend the inspection we can email, fax, or post the report to you.

How does the process work?

After you provide the details of the seller, we'll contact them to let them know you are having an inspection by us. We'll then arrange a time and place to inspect the car. When the inspection report is completed we will contact you to discuss the details of the report. We will explain the details of the report, identify all the problems, and answer any of your questions.

What does your inspection cover?

Our Inspection Report includes a complete mechanical, body and structural condition inspection, a road test, and written report. We can also provide you with a cost estimate for the repairs and a vehicle valuation guide if requested.

How do I pay for the inspection?

To make a booking you will need to pay by cash (onsite), credit card (on our website), or direct deposit (bank account) prior to the  inspection.

When can I arrange an inspection?

We can arrange the inspection within 24 hours and do the inspection within one business day of taking a booking. In most cases, we can do the inspection the same day.

What if I cancel an inspection?

Sometimes the seller may decide to sell the car just before the inspection is about to take place. If this occurs we can fully refund your money if you contact us at least three hours before the inspection booking time.

Why should I use CarMarket Auto Inspections?

We conduct a thoroughly independent and unbiased check of any vehicle you decide to purchase. Our comprehensive inspection report and on-road test will provide you with the information you need before deciding whether a particular vehicle represents good value for money. We are one of the most trusted and experienced car inspection services in Portland whom offer the most competitive rates on the market.